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Online dating has been gaining its popularity since it’s a convenient way to meet your destiny who can be miles away from you.
When you have downloaded Skype and set up an account you can search to see if your friends have Skype addresses. This is called “chatting.” This word might make you think that you will be talking, but in this case “chatting” means sending typed messages. If someone is being mean to you on MSN, you can block them from sending you messages. They can be a way to meet new people through common interests. Ask someone you trust who understands the internet to help you know if the person you are chatting with is safe. This is because they are checked often by responsible people.

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Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams' Mandy had always dated more "Hollywood types" (think: Wilmer Valderrama) before Ryan Adams came into the picture.

Joe Simpson, the father of famous person Jessica Simpson, has joined the ranks of some of America's greatest celebrity pastors by coming out to his family and having his affair with a much younger man revealed by gossip rags.

In the next shot, there are chopped-up onions on the board.

See more » When I heard that the Dukes of Hazzard was going to be remade with current actors and a solid script, I was like, "alright, I'll give it a chance, it's not going to be better than the first, but we'll see what happens." Well, I saw what happened.

Back in 2007, a movement spread like wildfire across the Internet to ban Jessica Simpson, who was dating quarterback Tony Romo, from attending Dallas Cowboys games.

Bo and Duke travels to Atlanta and meets up with old friend Katie Johnson and her friend Annette as they set out to find out why Boss Hogg has evicted them from their farm and what he plans to do.The Brazilian supermodel got New England's collective undies in a bundchen following Sunday’s Super Bowl when she blamed her quarterback husband Tom Brady’s receivers for the Patriots' loss, proclaiming Brady “cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” Boston football fans and sports media all piled on the statuesque stunner, and now some are wondering how -- or if -- she can mend fences with her husband's town and teammates. Her unsportsmanlike behavior towards her husband’s teammates will most definitely take time to mend,” publicist and sports blogger Angie Meyer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.“Her words were also destructive to the Patriots organization, their players, and the New England fans.If not, you might end up with your own "chicken of the sea" fail.She might have the most famous face -- and figure -- in the world, but Gisele Bundchen may want to keep both off the streets of Boston for the next little bit.Apparently, the Willow Tree Poultry Farm based "buffalo chicken" also contained tuna, and all 440 pounds of the salad were recalled.