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The purpose of this article is to assist the Visual Basic developer in choosing the proper cursor location, cursor type, and lock type to use when programming Visual Basic (or VB) applications that use My SQL as a back-end database through ADO and Connector/ODBC (My ODBC).

Your choice of cursor type and cursor location will affect what you are able to do with the data you retrieve, and how changes made to the data by other users are reflected in your copy of the data. Connection object (the ADO object used to broker all data exchanges between the VB application and the My SQL server) has a property known as property can only be set while the connection is closed, and the property will be inherited by any recordset objects that access their data through the given connection object.

If you are programmatically creating the column using SQL, if you want to let the user add or not add a value for the column, type the NULL keyword on the right side of the data type.

If you want to require a value for the column, type NOT NULL.

Data Entry and the Uniqueness of Records The Unique Option In a relational database, one of the primary concerns of records is their.

If you are visually creating or managing a table, to make sure the values of a field are unique: When a column has been marked as unique, during data entry, the user must provide a unique value for each new record created.