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I never expected all this even in my wildest dreams,” he says excitedly.

When they disembarked at Toronto Airport at 6.30 pm, the Guards of RCMP and officebearers of Make-A-Wish Foundation welcomed them."In a convoy, they took us to the Chateau Laurier hotel near Parliament Hill where PJ stayed in the presidential suite while we stayed in other room." Surinder says, "Next day PJ was welcomed by 28th Governor General of Canada David Johnston, who heard his vision for the country." During the visit, the Governor General also tweeted, "I was pleased to have Prime Minister 'PJ' @Rideau Hall.

The present study determines the inhibitory effect of kaolin minerals compound against hepatitis C virus in Huh-7 cell lines.

The HCV RNA level before therapy also effect treatment outcome in patients with genotype-1 infection.

“REPORTABLE” IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CIVIL APPEAL NO. The petitioner accordingly came to be paid emoluments in the aforesaid revised pay-scale.

Based on the recommendations made by the Third Pay Commission (which were adopted by the AIIMS), the pay-scale for the post of Hearing Therapist was revised to Rs.425-700, with effect from 1.1.1973.

Appearing completely relaxed, Romeo slurps his first drops of water in more than 230 hours from a bottle held by one of the firemen.

245 OF 2013 | |(Arising out of SLP (CIVIL) 31677 CC NO. It was therefore held, that the rules provided for a proper classification, for the grant of higher emoluments to Bench Secretaries Grade-I, as against Bench Secretaries Grade-II. All India Institute of Medical Sciences[5], decided by a two-Judge bench: The petitioner in this case, was appointed against the post of Hearing Therapist, at the AIIMS, with effect from 3.8.1972.

With this background our vision is to provide state of the art facilities in molecular biology, plant and animal biotechnology, protein chemistry and enzymology to our own students and researchers from other departments of the university/other universities of the country.

Mission Statement Our mission is human resource development in areas of molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology and proteomics To establish linkage between R&D and industry.

Establishment of the School of Biological Sciences at the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan was conceptualized in 2002. R,; Molecular cloning and characterization of excochitinase a gene of indigenous bacillus thuringiensis isolates, Pakistan J.

Coincidently around the same time Dr Muhammd Akhtar, then the only FRS of Pakistani origin, had retired from Southampton University, UK, after an illustrious career. Akhtar Saeed, then Education Minister, Government of the Punjab, took an unprecedented personal initiative to pursue Dr. Akhtar,; Structural evidence for the partially oxidized dipyrromethene and dipyrromethanone forms of the cofactor of porphobilinogen deaminase: structures of bacuillus megaterim enzyme at near atomic reasolution, Acta, Cryst, D-70, 2014Saleem, F., Younas, A., Bashir, R., Naz, S.